Cédric JUNG

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I’m living in France, and I’m really young as a programmer, 18 years old. I started to code just for fun in 2013.

I started to code with Visual Basic, it was pretty easy. When I was playing Minecraft, I did some Java to change the game. To share those changes I wanted to created a website therefore I used PHP. At first sight, PHP was pretty cool, but I quickly moved to JavaScript. I discovered this one some years ago, I use it in the most of my applications. Indeed, I’m a fan of JavaScript and specifically of Node.js (server-side JavaScript).

I really love to share my passions that’s why I published the most of my software to GitHub under the MIT license (I’ve already created about 120 repositories).

I’ve created about ten Android applications. They are all published on the Google Play.

Since 2018, I am part of the organization Découverto, which organizes cultural walks and creates books. With this organization, I created the applications Bestiaire Héraldique and Les Balades de Découverto that allows you to have an audio guide on your phone. It’s also me who have created the website

Since September 2018, I have been studying in MPSI which stands for Mathématiques, Physiques, Sciences de l’Ingénieur (“mathematics, physics, and engineering science”). I learned OCAML and Python languages, all the exercises I have done are available on this repository: tp-mpsi.


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