Cédric JUNG

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  • The École Centrale de Lille 2020-2023: graduate schools in of multi-disciplinary engineering. One of the top ten graduates schools in France. Now in Final-year bachelor’s Student.
  • 2-years in advanced undergraduate studies in Maths, Physiscs 2018-2020 preparing for the national competitive examinations for entry to the top engineering schools in France.
  • Baccalauréat in 2018: equivalent to High School Diploma (US) / A’ Levels (GB) with upper honors. Major in Science. German-language European section. Coursework in Latin.

Curriculum Vitae

Talk July 3rd 2018 at KarlsruheJS, Karlsruhe, Germany

  • Ten-minute presentation in English on the new hybrid application Created technology (iOS and Android): React Native

Developer, Association Découverto, Grand-Est, 2017-Present

  • Developed the website of the organization:
    Using Nodejs for the server, MongoDB for the database, and AngularJS for the operation of the administration space. The website had to be simple and easy to understand (Now used by 1000 people in a week in average).
  • Created the Android application “Les Balades de Découverto” using React Native. The application had to be adapted for off-line use during “forest audio guide” hikes.
  • Developed in 2020 the iOS version
  • Developed business software using Electron and AngluarJS, backup software for the hikes and the data of the website and software to create hikes in a format compatible with the constraints of public use.
  • Presented to the press (television, radio, paper) the apps, and got feedback from users

Hiking guide, Association Découverto, Grand-Est, 2017-Présent

  • Supervising about 20 adults during 20km treks.
  • Supervising about 10 children of 10 years old during 10km hikes.
  • Explanations and animations of the hike according to the public and the place
  • Engaged in meetings with local tourist offices, leisure centers to improve and propose new activities.
  • Animated conferences on nature and local history


Engineering skills

  • SysML and knowledge of Cameo systems modeler
  • Arduino

Programmation skills (GitHub)

Communication skills

  • Management of a Facebook page, press relations and organization of events


  • Clean Driving Licence


  • Français (Langue maternelle)
  • Anglais (Compétence professionnelle)
  • Allemand (Courant)


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